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A Whole New Approach to Rooftop Management

We help you grow rents, reduce liability,
and allow you to focus on your core business.


about us

Unlike traditional rooftop management companies that tie up your real estate with exclusive management contracts and take a hefty share of revenue — Allen Wireless provides à la carte fee consulting services tailored to specific tasks.  We work on behalf of property owners to maximize property revenue potential and protect landlord interests.  


With 20 years of experience representing both carriers and landlords we are uniquely positioned to understand the motivations of the carriers and pain points of the landlords. We are able to think like the carrier and help achieve their network goals(needs) while simultaneously increasing rents, reducing liability, and saving time for our clients.


Our clients range from single property owners to large REITs with multiple properties and everyone in between.

about us

Keep More Rent, Reduce the Hassle



Auditing all correspondence related to your existing site


and negotiation


Valuations and independent brokering of the sale of wireless lease revenues


A la carte wireless property management


Marketing of existing sites to other carriers for additional revenue


Construction drawing and zoning review


Increase Revenue, Reduce Liability


Did you get a letter saying a carrier no longer needs your rooftop, but they are willing to continue on for reduced rent?

Did you get a letter asking for your consent to minor changes that are allowed in the lease?

Did you get a letter offering to buy your monthly wireless revenue in exchange for a large lump sum payment?

Did a wireless carrier reach out to you about putting antennas on your roof, or a tower on your land?

Allen Wireless Can Help

Please contact us next time you’re approached to handle an equipment modification or new installation. We’d be happy to represent you and provide expert advice on maximizing the potentialof your antenna site and protecting your interests.

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